• SegFix: Model-Agnostic Boundary Refinement for Segmentation (ECCV 2020)
    Yuhui Yuan, Jingyi Xie, Xilin Chen, Jingdong Wang
    [Paper] [Code]
  • ABD-Net: Attentive but Diverse Person Re-Identification (ICCV 2019)
    Tianlong Chen, Shaojin Ding*, Jingyi Xie*, Ye Yuan, Wuyang Chen, Yang Yang, Zhou Ren, Zhangyang Wang
    [Paper] [Code]


  • albu
    A semi-static mobile photo gallery hosted on Tencent COS & Serverless.
    [Code] [Site]
  • imbed
    A image uploading tool derived from the pioneered PicGo.
    [CLI] [VSCode ext]
  • xxqg-addon
    A TamperMonkey extension to automate XXQG scoring.
  • ustc-health-report
    A Github Action to automate USTC Health Report.
  • i2a-rs
    Image to ASCII tool. (Rust version)
  • SublimeHS
    A simple plugin for Sublime Text to support Haskell auto-formatting and single file building.


  • openseg.pytorch (as collaborator)
    PyTorch code of “SegFix: Model-Agnostic Boundary Refinement for Segmentation”.
  • HRNet-Semantic-Segmentation (as collaborator on HRNet_OCR branch)
    Alternative implementation of HRNet + OCR.
  • ABD-Net
    PyTorch code of “ABD-Net: Attentive but Diverse Person Re-Identification”.
  • svdnet-pytorch
    An unofficial PyTorch implementation of SVDNet.

Forked and Improved

  • kramed
    A Javascript Markdown parser given priority to Latex snippets.
    [Code] [hexo ext]
  • anaconda_rust
    Rust language utilities for Sublime Text 3.

Long-Term Creation

  • nagisa
    A collection of common patterns and utilities in Python deep learning and system scripting.
  • Dive Into Python Language
    The book “Dive Into Python Language”.
    [Read Online]
  • CLRS-Algorithms.rust
    Rust implementation for “Introduction to Algorithms”.


  • Biohub 2.0 (iGem 2017 project by USTC-Software.)
    A synthetic biology community, focusing on more efficient data retrieving and ideas sharing.
    [Code] [Wiki]
  • tabikaeru-gallery
    A web gallery to exhibit photos taken by my frog.
    [Code] [Site]
  • WiseCityMBC
    Websites for HSFZ Model Business Competition.
    [2014] [2015] [2016]
    Websites for HSFZ Model United Nations.