About Me


This is hsfzxjy. You might have encountered the id “hsfzxjy” already somewhere on the Internet, and that should be me.

It is simply a concatenation of two acronyms, which was picked a long time ago and symbolizes myself in the cyberspace. It’s a vowel-less word, and I perfer to spell it verbatim, but feel free to pronounce it however you wish.

I do coding from time to time, for life, but for fun in the first place.

The “life” part sucks, thus the “fun” part goes here.

I am an enthusiast of diverse programming languages, investigate their quirky perspectives for curiosity, and improve their defects for better ergonomics. Posts about playing with Python, Rust, Golang, sometimes Haskell, and even more, you can read them in the Tech category.

I build techy projects for my personal use. Any idea popped out of my brain, in any possible forms, language libraries, CLI tools, editor / browser / system extensions, websites, or mobile / desktop apps. Sometimes I build them for better life quality, but sometimes merely because it would be REALLY COOL. Feel free to go through a full exhibition of them at /works/. If there’s an interesting story behind the projects, I will also share it here.

I embrace new knowledge, and do learning consistently.

Sometimes I write essays, travel journals, fictions, or merely soliloquized gibberish. They consume more time than the tech posts, but compose the human part of mine.

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Our cyberspace is being torn apart by tech giants, isolated and fenced with walls. Text-based contents are being eclipsed by newly thrived media, forgotten, abandoned and end up with vanishment.

Not much people today host a personal site for blogging, nor do we anymore have effective ways to reach their islets. Most sites carry invaluable thinkings of specific individuals, yet faded with time before uncovered by more visitors.

There probably won’t be a renaissance for personal blogs, but there could be means to resist the recession. I hold a list of links to some personal sites at /links/, so hopefully they would be discovered by people more easily. Feel free to contact me and add your site to the list.

Also, RSS is fantastic. I host a personal aggregator that streamlined a bunch of blogging feeds. The RSS output (not the feed of this site) is made publicly accessible, so you can subscribe and reach out to those excellent content producers.



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