OSS Contribution

I embrace Open-Source Softwares (OSS) and being an active contributor to microsoft/vscode. My contribution also includes pytorch, flutter_rust_bridge, node-spdlog, etc.

Creative Products

Pizza in the wild tastes terrible so I cook my own dishes.
  • kuroport   WIP   Jetpack Compose   Go   Kotlin
    Decentralized file teleporter & messenger, designed for multiple platforms, transmitting over diverse networks.
  • imbed   WIP   Go
    Reproducible transformer and uploader for your local images.

Ergonomic Libraries

Coding is fun, and even more fun when half-baked features are baked.
  • mamo   Go
    mamo provides facilities that track and auto-expire unused objects for Golang.
  • go-srpc   Go
    Simple streaming RPC for Golang.
  • android-jni-go   Go
    Types and functions for interoperating Go and JVM on Android.
  • dart_zoned_task   Dart
    Scoped cancelable tasks for Dart.
  • lambdex   Python
    A library to allow writing complicated anonymous functions beyond lambdas in Python.
  • mocona  Python   C
    A library to decouple your Python project. Write code, not spaghetti.
  • proxychains-ng-docker   Docker
    Docker images with pre-compiled proxychains4 binaries contained in.


Leonardo da Vinci for sure an artist was less obvious an engineer.
  • Harfbuzz-WASM-Fantasy   Rust   WASM   Harfbuzz
    STUPID stuffs built by abusing Harfbuzz WASM Shaper.
  • Bad-Apple-Font   Rust   WASM   Harfbuzz
    Playing “Bad Apple!!” with HarfBuzz WASM shaper.
  • tabikaeru-gallery   HTML
    A web gallery to exhibit photos taken by my frog.
    [Code] [Site]
  • i2a-rs   Rust
    Image to ASCII tool. (Rust version)

Site Builders

To nail his horseshoe little smith builds himself a lovely hammer.
  • byak-hexo   SCSS   Typescript
    Opinionated theme for this site, plus scripts for extensive rendering and font subsetting.
  • genko-markdown   Typescript
    Extending Marked.js for prioritized Latex and fancy code blocks rendering.
  • vanilla-typescript-sass-template   Gulp   SCSS   Typescript
    A repository template for simple projects powered by vanilla TypeScript and Sass.


An apple a day keeps me away from apples.
  • xxqg-addon   TamperMonkey
    A TamperMonkey extension to automate XXQG scoring.
  • ustc-health-report   Python   Github Actions
    A Github Action to automate USTC Health Report.
  • collect-wx-emoticon   TamperMonkey
    A tool to collect and archive WeChat emoticons.


  • leetcode-rust   Rust
    Selective solutions for LeetCode problems written in Rust.
  • CLRS-Algorithms.rust   Rust
    Rust implementation for “Introduction to Algorithms”.
  • CCF2020_Traffic_Congestion_Prediction Python
    A decision tree based solution for https://www.datafountain.cn/competitions/466/ .


  • SegFix: Model-Agnostic Boundary Refinement for Segmentation (ECCV 2020)
    Yuhui Yuan*, Jingyi Xie*, Xilin Chen, Jingdong Wang
    [Paper] [Code]
  • ABD-Net: Attentive but Diverse Person Re-Identification (ICCV 2019)
    Tianlong Chen, Shaojin Ding*, Jingyi Xie*, Ye Yuan, Wuyang Chen, Yang Yang, Zhou Ren, Zhangyang Wang
    [Paper] [Code]


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