This is hsfzxjy, who always use the same nickname “hsfzxjy” across the web.

I do coding from time to time, for life, and for fun as well.

The “life” part sucks, thus the “fun” part goes here.

I like to play with the programming languages, digging their quirky and hacky sides. Posts about Python, Rust or Haskell, or more, you read them here.

I build techy stuffs for my own use. Websites, CLI tools, browser extensions, cool libraries, anything popped out from my head. Stories behind them, if interesting, I will share here.

I embrace new tech, and do learning consistently.

Sometimes I write essays, life records, travel journals, or merely soliloquized gibberish. They consume more time than the tech posts, but compose the human part of mine.

How to find me